Here Are 4 Online Store Features That Will Increase the Conversion Rate

//Here Are 4 Online Store Features That Will Increase the Conversion Rate

Here Are 4 Online Store Features That Will Increase the Conversion Rate

E-commerce business is gaining popularity. Most entrepreneurs prefer this business because it is easy and cheap to start. You can start one with little money. A professional online store and internet access are all you need to sell online successful. However, most retailers make a mistake of creating a store without features to enhance customers’ experience. They forget that without the customers they cannot run a successful business. Some features can increase the conversion rate. Here they are:

Reliable security

Because e-commerce and online transactions are growing steadily, you need to implement a security measure to boost conversion. Customers will fear shopping from a store that will make them encounter losses. They, therefore, spend most of their time searching for a reliable store that will make them purchase safely.

Thus, if you want to boost the conversion rate and increase sales, you need to use a secure platform with servers maintaining PCI compliance. With this, customers can have the freedom of using credit/debit card to make purchases. Also, you need to use an SSL certification to ensure that customers’ data are safe.

Short and clear check-out process

How would you feel when a customer lands on your site and presses the exit button? To avoid this, you need to make it easier for customers to make quick purchases. You can only achieve this by creating an online store with a short and clear check-out process. Providing a shopping cart on every product page is one way of shortening the check-out process. With this, customers can add items on their cart without leaving their current page. Also, providing integrated payment gateways can make customers use the payment method of their choices and leave your page happy.


Selling online is all about caring for your customers’ needs. In this essence, you need to make sure that the services you offer align with the customers’ expectations. Creating a responsive store is one way to enhance the customers’ experience. Your online store will allow customers to use a device of their choice to browse online. With this, they can view you as a trustworthy seller and purchase your products.

Speedy site

Many customers are busy with their activities. Hence, they find it difficult to wait for your store to finish loading. However, a speedy store can motivate them to learn more about your products. In this essence, you need to choose a platform with fancy Google fonts to enhance the speed. Also, you can compress your files.

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